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financial Planning for Businesses

Sound investment strategies can help your business save on taxes, retain top talent and contribute to your community. The corporate financial advisors at Prairie Wide Financial Corp. offer financial planning advice based on your current situation, needs, goals and preferred risk level. Prairie Wide financial planning services help businesses throughout AB establish:


Group RRSPs – Sponsor retirement savings plans for your staff, with different levels  of    contribution matching.

Pension Programs – Show your employees appreciation by investing in their retirement pensions.

Profit Sharing – Encourage strong performance by sharing the rewards of hard work.

Tax-Advantage Planning – Avoid paying unnecessary taxes with our strategic advice.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCA) – Offer your top employees enhanced retirement plan options.

Share Redemption Strategies – Limit the occurrence of double taxation with the right strategy for share redemption.

Charitable Giving – Contribute to your community and reduce taxes at the same time.

For help finding the right financial planning strategy for your business, make an appointment with a Prairie Wide financial advisor. Contact us today.